Family saved in dramatic cliff rescue

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A family of four had to be rescued after they got trapped by a rising tide at the foot of cliffs at Filey Brigg.

The alarm was raised and a team of specialist police officers, who were on patrol in Scarborough, was sent to the scene.

They joined fellow officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and used their local knowledge to quickly find the stranded family.

One of the Filey officers knew of an alternative route down the Brigg and, because of the rising tide they decided to descend the cliffs to rescue the family.

The four officers made their way down the cliffside and reached the two adults and two children, who were aged four and 11, who were trapped on some rocks surrounded by the rising tide.

They managed to rescue the two children, and between them, passed them onto the side of the cliff before helping the two adults to navigate the rocks and reach safety.

The officers then helped all four family members back up the cliff path to the top of the Brigg, where they were checked for signs of hypothermia and other injuries.

Superintendent Glyn Payne, Scarborough District Safer Neighbourhood Commander, praised the efforts of the team and added: “I’m very proud of the officers who acted in the best traditions of the police service, using local knowledge combined with skill and professionalism to rescue the family from a dangerous situation.”

The family, who were from Derbyshire, did not need any medical treatment and were taken back to their car by the officers. They had been trapped by the tide for about an hour and were very grateful to the team.