Plea to save bus service from axe

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Residents in the Derwent Valley are being urged to support a rural bus service to save it from being axed by operators.

Following a plea by County Cllr David Jeffels, Scarborough and District Buses agreed more than a year ago to run a 128 service to Pickering at 8pm from the resort, with it returning from Pickering at 8.55pm.

Scarborough Councillors 2007'Cllr David Jeffels - Derwent Valley (Cons)'submitted pic

Scarborough Councillors 2007'Cllr David Jeffels - Derwent Valley (Cons)'submitted pic

However Peter Shipp, the chief executive of East Yorkshire Motor Services, the parent company of Scarborough and District Buses, has warned that it could be discontinued unless the bus service useage increases.

Now, a poster-promotion is being mounted with the help of parish councils along the Vale of Pickering, said Cllr Jeffels.

Mr Shipp said: “We will continue to run these journeys this winter, but to keep them going after that, we need more people to use them on a regular basis.

“The support of the community is vital in making this happen.”

Cllr Jeffels said: “Previously the last bus from Scarborough was 6pm, but Mr Shipp agreed to provide an 8pm service.

“A bus later than that would have increased the company’s costs significantly because it would have involved another driver’s shift being introduced.

“Hopefully we can keep this 8pm service going, because it is an asset to our villages.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Jeffels has agreed to help in a marketing campaign for the 128 route with the bus company.

“With the rising cost of fuel, bus travel is becoming increasing attractive.” He added. “An experiment has been mounted by another company in the Craven area of North Yorkshire for a £1 fare scheme for younger people and I’m hoping this might be considered for the Scarborough area.”