Roadworks at same time on main routes

Scarborough road works on Burniston road  113719f . Picture Richard Ponter.
Scarborough road works on Burniston road 113719f . Picture Richard Ponter.

DRIVERS are bracing themselves for disruption over the next few days with roadworks being carried out on two main roads into Scarborough.

Scalby Road and Burniston Road are both undergoing maintenance work, leaving motorists facing delays.

Continuing Scarborough road works on Scalby rd. 113719a .Picture Richard Ponter.

Continuing Scarborough road works on Scalby rd. 113719a .Picture Richard Ponter.

The work in Scalby Road has been ongoing since August 15, and will last until the start of October.

Northern Gas Networks is investing £84,000 to carry to replace around half a mile of ageing metal gas piping with plastic piping between Scalby Road and High Street.

The work currently under way in Burniston Road is being carried out by the gas board.

According to David Creek, maintenance manager for North Yorkshire County Council, the inconvenience should be minimal.

He said: “The work is only expected to last about three or four days, so it shouldn’t be too bad.” However, he also stated the work is just the start of bigger plans, that will ultimately lead to bigger disruptions later in the year.

“They have further work planned in the area, so this is just work being carried out in advance of this.”

Mr Creek told the Evening News that resurfacing work is scheduled to start in early November.

The work will see disruptions to several streets in Scarborough, including Burniston Road and Westborough.

Mr Creek stated that this planned work is due to take place during the night in order to minimise disruption to the general public.

Despite these efforts, he conceded that work will still “cause some unavoidable disruption and inconvenience to those living and working in these areas during this time.”

Apart form commuters, the current work is most likely to have an impact on shoppers. A Tesco store is located on Burniston Road, and several other shops, including a Co-op can be found in the area.

Northern Gas Networks Area Operations Manager Mick Hewett was apologetic for having to carry out the work on Scalby road.

He said that the work was vital in ensuring the safety of the road, due to the age of the current piping installed under the road.

Mr Hewett said: “We are sorry if this work causes any inconvenience but it’s vital to securing the long-term safety and reliability of gas supplies to Scalby.

“By its very nature, our work carries with it some frustration for road-users, residents and business but we are keen to minimise this and that’s why we are manning the traffic lights round the clock to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible.”

Mr Hewett does point out that the job represents some short-term disruption for long-term benefits: “The good news is that once this work is complete and this part of town has a modern gas network, engineers will not need to return for some time as the plastic gas mains have an expected lifespan of around 80 years,” he said