Transport plan gets approval

Seamer railway station
Seamer railway station
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COUNCILLORS have approved a possible “blueprint” which could shape the future of the A64 route into Scarborough.

COUNCILLORS have approved a possible “blueprint” which could shape the future of the A64 route into Scarborough.

The A64 Connectivity Study was discussed at Scarborough Council’s cabinet.

It covers a number of recommendations, over the next 10 years – and beyond – and a copy of the final report will be sent to the Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond MP, as well as MPs representing constituencies affected by the route.

Proposed changes in the draft report included:

- a relocation for Seamer railway station

- improvements to the park and ride site

- a new park and ride site to the north of the town

- improved road signs

- improved parking facilities at both Scarborough and Seamer railway stations

- and improved public transport links from Scarborough town centre and major employment sites.

Cllr Andrew Backhouse, the portfolio holder highways and transport, said the recommendations were complex and covered the short, medium and long term periods. He said: “Some will remain aspirational because they rely on other parties.”

John Riby, the council’s head of technical services, said the study had looked at a range of aspects of the A64 corridor and set out a blueprint for some improvements that will benefit Scarborough.

He said: “We are at the end of the route and other partners will benefit from improvements closer to their location. If we are going to have the improvements we need to keep a watch on progress.”

But he added that Scarborough’s bus and rail interchange should be improved. He said: “A park and ride to the north – it’s purely an aspirational idea.”

Mr Riby said that moving Seamer rail station was also an “aspirational idea”. “It would rely on Network Rail and railway companies to take that positive step,” he said.

Cllr Janet Jefferson said that there was a need for better parking facilities at the station because of the number of people that boarded trains at Seamer.

The report was initially approved by the council’s projects and partnerships scrutiny committee, before being presented to cabinet, and it is due to go to North Yorkshire and York Transport Members Board next month.