Travesty of this festive fare

RE the town centre Christmas display:

Several years ago, as I’m sure many will recall, Scarborough became a laughing stock, nationally, if not internationally. Why? Because our annual big Christmas lights switch on was cancelled due to, we are informed, ‘health and safety’ issues.

I am now asking myself, are the illustrious shower who are in charge of our town hoping to re-kindle the derision which arose from that sorry event and render Scarborough, yet again, a pathetic joke?

Seeing the shambolic sample in the town centre, which, I understand, is supposed to represent this years’ Christmas display and Bavarian market, I can only conclude that the (un)worthy conglomerate who are responsible for it, have finally, well and truly, lost their marbles!

To describe this scenario as shoddy, shabby and smelly is a gross understatement. What do we have? A bungee jump, a couple of fairground rides and a few stalls, along with what appear to be garden sheds selling heaven knows what, all strewn through the precinct and down Newborough like gigantic chunks of litter. Nor must we forget the ‘greeters’, the ones I saw looked bored out of their minds, but who could blame them? And why no town centre tree this year? Oh yes, there’s a fairground ride where the tree stood in previous years.

Doesn’t this say it all about Scarborough today? We live in a beautiful town, with lots of history and culture, along with its beaches and stunning countryside nearby. But why does it have to be blighted by everything fourth rate, from the abysmal public transport to the tacky shops? Now adding insult to injury, we have this travesty of a ‘Christmas’ display and market. It rather begs the question as Christianity and Christmas are being dumbed down and pushed into the background more and more all over the country, is the same happening here, and if so, why?

To those in charge, for heaven’s sake, get a grip and stop degrading our lovely town. If you cannot, then maybe it’s time for the lot of you to step down and hand over to someone who may do Scarborough some justice.

Trisha Scott

West Park Terrace