Tribute paid to animal charity boss

Hedgehog campaigner Cynthia Buckroyd.
Hedgehog campaigner Cynthia Buckroyd.

TRIBUTES have been paid to the founder of a Scarborough animal welfare charity who dedicated her life to animals.

Cynthia Buckroyd, 56, passed away suddenly on September 29 at Scarborough Hospital after contracting pneumonia.

She founded the Animal House Wildlife Welfare charity which focused on rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife. Her niece Kayleigh Spencer has now paid tribute to her “selfless” aunt, saying: “She was just such a special, loving woman. Animals and her two children were the most important things to her, and she treated animals like they were her children.

“She was completely devoted to them, and the animals would never go without, even though she often would.”

Mrs Buckroyd’s passion for animals started as an eight-year-old, when she found and nursed a seagull. Afterwards, she nursed a variety of animals including foxes, squirrels and gannets. She even once helped nurse a beached whale back to health.

She had long campaigned for Animal House to be given charity status, which finally happened in 1995. However, now there is a worry over the future of the charity. Lacking the backing of grants and unable to secure lottery money, the charity relies entirely upon donations.

Her family will continue running it in her memory, and at the funeral, which takes place at Scarborough Crematorium on Friday at 2.40pm, they have asked mourners that instead of flowers, which she “would have preferred to see still in the ground”, they make a donation to the charity in her honour. Kayleigh said: “It’s always going to be a struggle without her. There’s stuff that we are going to have to learn but she won’t want it to go down, it was her life.”