Tribute to ‘full of life’ mother

Kate Stainsby, pictured in 2004 when she was planning to sail around the world in the BT challenge race 041027b
Kate Stainsby, pictured in 2004 when she was planning to sail around the world in the BT challenge race 041027b

TRIBUTES were today paid to a former member of Scarborough Yacht Club who died in a canoeing accident.

Kate Stainsby, 41, passed away after her canoe capsized in a river in Cumbria and she became trapped underwater.

She was airlifted to hospital after her friends battled to save her but Kate, who had a three-year-old daughter, passed away two days later.

Nick Taylor, commodore of Scarborough Yacht Club, completed a sailing course with Kate while she was preparing to complete a year-long round the world sailing trip in 2004.

After learning of the tragedy yesterday, he said: “We got to know each other quite well and she was a lovely girl who was so full of life. Many people in Scarborough Yacht Club will be really saddened by this.

“It’s a terrible shame. Kate was a lovely, fun, enthusiastic woman. She was always great to have around.

“It’s an indication of the type of lady she was that she would be out canoeing in the middle of winter. She was very fit, able and tough.”

Kate leaves her daughter, Hannah, and partner Paul Simpson as well as three brothers and her parents.

Kate, who was also known as Catherine, would visit Scarborough from her home in Swinton, near Malton, to attend the weekly night class in Scarborough which would often see her set sail off the town’s coast.

In preparation for her round the world sailing journey, she launched an appeal in Scarborough for help in raising enough money to fund her dream trip.

Then, Kate spoke of her determination to stretch herself to her limits by facing 50ft waves, sub-zero temperatures and icebergs, despite being prone to seasickness.

The incident that claimed her life occurred on Hobdale Beck, off the River Rawthey, near Sedbergh, while she was on a trip with York Canoe Club on New Year’s Day.

After she became trapped, police officers, ambulance crews and mountain rescue teams worked together to free Kate from the water.

The Pilates’ instructor and former physiotherapist was then flown to Royal Preston Hospital by air ambulance.

All of the other canoeists were safe and well following the incident and details have been passed to the Preston coroner.

The tragedy is the second to hit the village of Swinton within days of each other.

A 35-year-old man, named locally as Paddy Bentley, died on Friday, December 30, when he lost control of his quad bike on an approach to a bend and collided with a tree at Settrington Beacon, near Malton.

He sustained chest and head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.