Tributes paid to ‘Buster’, 91

Bryan Hirst
Bryan Hirst

A Scarborough man who had a lifelong involvement in the Scouting movement has died aged 91.

Scarborough born and bred, Bryan Hirst, or “Buster” as he was known by many, was the second of three surviving children.

Bryan Hirst

Bryan Hirst

Initially living in Brunswick Street, which is now no more, the family then moved to Londesborough Lodge, where their father was Superintendent of the Medical Baths from 1925 to 1945, when he died.

His step-brother John Robinson said: “Bryan became my step-brother when I was five years old.

“Being without a father from then, Bryan took the responsibility to look after this spoiled child until I was at least 12 years old.”

He added that Bryan’s main interest in those days was his beloved 38th (Toc H) Scout Troop in Sherwood Street, where John also joined as a cub.

He recalls that the cubmaster at the time was Gordon Quaife, who sadly lost his life serving in the RAF early in the war.

John added that there were many memorable events during their early Scouting days, such as the gang shows and many summer camps.

He said that Bryan had many lifetime friends from the Scout group, including Scarborough journalist and musician Barry Hampshire and journalist Peter Taylor.

Bryan went on to become a Scout leader and John said the movement was “his main love” throughout his life.

His other love was rugby, with him playing firstly for the Boys’ High School and later, after the war, with the Old Scarborians.

When he could no longer play, Bryan would enjoy watching Scarborough’s rugby team with his friend Chris Found and brother-in-law Baron Atkinson-Jowett.

John said: “Chris made 
Bryan’s 90th birthday a special occasion, champagne and all.”

Paying tribute to his beloved step-brother, John said: “He was always good to everyone. Bryan was very kind and thoughtful.

“Everyone was always full of praise for him and I never heard a bad word said against him.”