Tributes to club stalwart

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Tributes have been paid to the second-longest-serving member of Scarborough Forty Club, who passed away on Tuesday.

Keith Wastling was elected to membership of the debating club in December 1980 and was a stalwart member throughout the rest of his life.

He rarely missed a meeting and presented a paper for most of the years of his membership.

Friend Alan Staniforth said: “Keith always ‘told it as he saw it’ and whilst others may not have agreed with his opinions, his comments were always respected for being sincere.”

Alan added: “A strong voice and robust presentation meant that nobody was in any doubt about what Keith was saying or what he thought about any issue under discussion. That strong voice resulted in him acting for many years as Toast Master at the Annual Dinner.

“During general 40 Club meetings Keith was invariably one of the last members to comment from the floor. Having listened to the presentation and the opinions of other members he would catch the chairman’s eye towards the end of the evening and when called upon to speak would rise carefully and sedately to his feet.

“Slowly, in his deep, sonorous voice he would begin: ‘Mr Chairman, Mr Speaker, Gentlemen.’ And we all waited with bated breath to hear what angle the lambast would take this time! Keith would not pull his punches when it came to criticism, but what he said he said from the heart.”

Keith took on the role of club president on two occasions and he later was elected an honorary member for life, an accolade not frequently bestowed.

Alan said: “Keith will be remembered for his dedication to the club, his sincerity, his humour and his unfailing recognition that, in the words of the club motto, ‘We do not all think alike, but we all alike agree to think’.”