Trio of incidents for coastguards

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SCARBOROUGH coastguards were called out to deal with three incidents in just 13 hours over the weekend.

They were alerted to help North Yorkshire Police in a search for a missing person near Black Rocks just before 9.40pm on Saturday.

Scarborough mountain rescue team were also tasked by the police to help with the search.

The casualty was eventually located 30 metres over the cliff on a sloped ledge near South Cliff Golf Club. He was brought back up on to the top and handed to the police.

Just over three hours later, at 12.52am yesterday, coastguards were tasked to a person reported to be lost on cliffs between The Sands and Scarborough Castle. The coastguard team quickly located the 17-year-old male above the North Bay chalets.

Scarborough Coastguard station officer Mark Appleby said: “The missing person had called the emergency services himself.”

Then, shortly after 10am yesterday they were called to locate a broken-down boat in the North Bay. The team found the boat near North East corner and it was towed back to harbour by Scarborough inshore lifeboat.

Mr Appleby added: “The operation team struggled to get radio communication. I think the people on the boat were foreign. But we managed to locate them and towed them back.”

The incidents marked a busy few days for the coastguard team, who were called to Scarborough harbour on Thursday evening after a visiting yacht ran aground in the harbour.

They were called to the scene just after 11pm on Thursday after the yacht’s occupants failed to understand the instructions and guidance of the pier watchman.

Scarborough’s inshore lifeboat was launched and the coastguard team arrived on scene to find the two foreign occupants had taken to an inflatable dinghy, with no paddles and unable to start the engine, leaving them holding on to the yacht, which was listing at 45 degrees.

The pier watchman had managed to secure lines to the yacht to stop it listing further.

The two crew were taken on board the lifeboat and taken to the pontoons where they waited for their boat to be refloated by the incoming tide. The coastguard team were still on scene at 2am on Friday, waiting for the tide to flood and ensure the yacht safely refloated.