Trip light fantastic

Spirit of the Dance, Futurist Theatre

AN army of polished, passionate unionists that bewilder and enthral the audience - Spirit of the dance must be here!

Universal dancing from the highland fling and western to Latin American, Broadway and the can-can - this show sure has it all.

Overcome with anticipation and positive vibes, my eyes focused on the 3D sea of blue and green background. The show began; dramatic light dimming and a loud sound effect, both stimulating inquisitiveness.

Irish hard shoes harmonised with music and every heartbeat, contrasting with ballet and point enhancing Heaven. Amalgamated sharp movements and glittery outfits displayed a world of shimmer and shine.

Haunting melodies of an earthly voice encompassed us all in silence. Interactive clapping stimulated the audience to create their own beat. Dance techniques performed to perfection; spring kicks, duck dives, arabesques, soubresautes, beating, leaps, triple pirouettes, stags, shimmies, back flips and round-offs.

Elaborating on Irish style through shouting ‘hey’ and ‘oy’, I felt liberated yet naive. Swooned with emotion, I embraced Scottish bagpipes and bellowing men. Spanish and Indian costumes and moves reinforced the international theme. Ballet performed on the tips of Irish hard shoes broke the rules and impressed. The sleek and sexy tap dance incorporating quirkiness and a hand jive was the highlight. Spirit of the dance, a fleet of frenzied, frisky and frantic feet-fantastic.

Jess Robinson