TV crew sinks Scarborough Naval Warfare ship

A PEASHOLM Park enemy naval warfare battleship was well and truly defeated – after film crews accidentally blasted two holes in its hull.

The German Admiral Graf Spee was completely sunk by The Royal production team who were shooting a special effects scene.

Producer, Ken Horn, said the pyrotechnics went wrong, causing a lot more damage than was planned. He said: "The ship was meant to get a hole in its side, but it wasn't meant to actually sink it."

The scene is part of a storyline involving two men who work on the fictional Elsinby naval warfare battle. The two are in an argument over a woman, and one of them puts a larger explosive in one of the boats.

As a result, one of the men receives serious injuries.

Filming of the eighth series of The Royal is taking place in Scarbor-ough all week.

Crews have been at Peasholm Park over the last two days and will be on Esplanade and at the Clock Tower tomorrow.

Scenes from this week's filming will be aired next Spring.

The Royal, which is a spin off of long running series Heartbeat, first aired in 2003.

The show is set in the fictional St Aidan's Royal Free Hospital.

The Battle of the River Plate in December 13, 1939 was the first major naval battle in the Second World War. The German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee was found and engaged off the estuary of the River Plate off the coast of Argentina and Uruguay in South America by three smaller Royal Navy cruisers – HMS Exeter, HMS Ajax and HMS Achilles – before its skipper scuttled the damaged ship.

See a video of the naval warfare battles at Peasholm Park on our website. Just click on the logo for SENTV and look out for Local Life Naval Warfare.