Two kayakers rescued off Filey Brigg

Filey's all-weather life boat
Filey's all-weather life boat

Two kayakers were rescued after falling into the sea in a 'notorious' tideway.

Filey's all-weather lifeboat crew were called to Filey Brigg at around 10.20am where the two men were struggling in a strong ebbing tide.

Under the command of coxswain Neil Cammish, with Dave Eblet, Pete Macauley, Ben Hargreaves, Paul Taylor and Sarah Scrivener as crew, the lifeboat made best possible speed to the location.

On arrival, two men were pulled from the sea. They had fallen from their kayak whilst fishing and were unable to climb back on board.

Both men were taken back to Coble Landing, in Filey, to the care of Filey Coastguard Rescue Team.

John Ward, of Filey Lifeboat, said:” The two men were fortunately spotted by a local angling boat and the ALB which was on exercise to the north of Filey Brigg was soon on scene and had recovered them from the water.

"Thankfully all has turned out well. Thanks to Filey Coastguard Rescue Team and our own shore crew for their help.”