Two prosecuted for dog ban offences

Scarborough's North Bay
Scarborough's North Bay

Two people have been fined for dog ban offences and dog fouling on Scarborough’s North Bay beach.

Following investigations by Scarborough Borough Council’s dog warden service, two dog owners appeared at Scarborough Magistrates court on Friday August 24 for contravening the seasonal dog exclusion orders at North Bay beach in Scarborough.

One of the dog owners also pleaded guilty to failing to clean up after his dog on the same beach.

Carl Davey of Beacon Avenue, Morley, Leeds, attended and pleaded guilty to charges of taking a dog on to North Bay beach, Scarborough, within the dog exclusion area and failing to pick up dog waste on May 6, 2012.

He was fined £50 on first charge, no separate penalty on the second, victim surcharge of £15 and £100 costs.

Richard Guthrie of Main Street, Hutton Buscel, pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog on North Bay beach within the dog exclusion area on May 5, 2012.

He was fined £250, victim surcharge of £15 and £120 costs.

Mr Davey and Mr Guthrie were ordered to pay in full within seven days.

Graham Hibberd, the council’s senior dog warden, said: “The dog warden service is committed to investigating all cases relating to dog offences and will continue to vigorously enforce dog control legislation to ensure that the whole borough is a clean and safe place for residents and visitors.

“The majority of dog owners are responsible and I am sure that they would support action against the irresponsible minority who fail to pick up faeces left by dogs in public places, which is not only unpleasant but can also transmit disease to other dogs and humans. In addition to clearing up after their dogs, owners also have a responsibility to ensure their pets are controlled when in a public place.”

To report offences email or call (01723) 232323.