Unknown reason behind farmer’s tragic death

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NO-ONE will know for certain why a popular Scarborough farmer killed himself, an inquest heard.

Nicholas Pigg, 62, of West Ayton, was found dead on December 6 last year after shooting himself at his home in Yedmandale Road.

During his inquest at Scarborough County Court deputy coroner Richard Watson heard Mr Pigg had a passion for farming, and struggled to cope with quiet winters.

His brother, Robert Pigg, spoke during the hearing. He said: “Nicholas always wanted to be a farmer, that was all he was interested in. He was a great country lad.

“My brother had no children, but I have and he doted on them. Nick always lived at home. He just liked being on the farm and being busy.

“We stopped growing potatoes in 2002 and two years later the sugar beat factory in York closed. This meant we were very quiet during winter months which he did not like. There was no financial reason for what he did though.

“I think he missed my father, and was very aware my mother is getting elderly. He always said he didn’t want to grow older; we all say that but he obviously meant it.”

Mr Pigg paid tribute to PC Hazelwood and PC Bilton for the “great humanity” they showed handling his brother’s death.

A letter from Mr Pigg’s GP was also read stating he showed no signs of depression.

Recording a verdict of suicide the coroner said: “Nobody could have picked up what was in his mind and it must have been a double shock. He found winter a difficult time when there was less to do and there was a long term grieving for his father. No-one can be certain what lead him to this desperate act.”