Up hill, down dale

Set in rolling farmland on the edge of the North Yorks Moors, a view of The Grainary Tea Rooms from Reasty Bank.
Set in rolling farmland on the edge of the North Yorks Moors, a view of The Grainary Tea Rooms from Reasty Bank.

Written by Maureen Robinson

A drive we’ll long remember – New Year’s Eve and a glorious scenic route sweeping by Suffield towards Turkey Carpet and handsome Harwood Dale! The return route held a couple of splendid surprises too.

From Scarborough, a short drive along the A170 Scalby Road swiftly leads to Newby, where one should turn left at the Rosette Inn. Reaching the road junction head towards Hackness and Suffield. From Scalby green, ascend Hay Lane to the road junction. Turn sharp right, with Suffield behind to your left. A right-angled bend, and Swang Road leads directly ahead through Swang Plantation.

Ignore a road off right to Cumboots, keeping straight ahead on a long, direct road with Suffield Moor to your right. Turkey Carpet and Thieves Dikes feature to the left before Reasty Hill Top is accessed, and a car park boasting exhilarating views where you must take a break to ‘inhale’ the scene.

Continue along Reasty Road, and at the forking of lanes, swing right via Gatela Bridge and right again to Harwood Dale, passing Hardwick Farm and School Hill Farm upon entering Harwood Dale you’ll wish to linger in this lovely village as you make your way around intriguing bends revealing new features.

From Keasbeck Farm, just ahead and on the right bend you’ll discover Keasbeck Hill Farm and The Grainary. Now this is an excellent starting point for walks in the area, but I’m afraid you may have to await the opening of its tea rooms until March. I suggest you telephone (01723) 870026 to check the times of opening when you wish to visit The Grainary.

There, in season you can relax in the cosy tea rooms, and then visit the 200 acre mixed farm and meet some of the friendly animals.

The farm is within the North York Moors National Park. It covers land on the eastern side of Broadlands Beck and the southern slopes of Fylingdales Moor. Much of the area around the Dale is forestry.

The Simpsons have diversified the farm business, combining farming, conservation and tourism. A plant centre specialises in flowers that grow in the wildflower meadows and woodland along with perennials, bedding plants, shrubs and trees.

Children can enjoy play areas, and families may partake in local walks. Call and sample a homemade meal or snack, a refreshing drink, and of course wonderful views!

Leaving The Grainary, continue up the hill to pass Brooklands Farm and reach Moor End Road. Turn sharp right along this road, and seek Thirley Cottages a mile or so ahead. It was in this area we had the good fortune to watch the setting of the sun, and a most spectacular sunset blazed across the sky. Then we were surprised to discern Flamborough Lighthouse, over 20 miles to the south-east, winking its cheery light across the distance.

Shortly passing Ellis Close Farm, Harwood Dale is followed to the branching off of Ripley’s Road to the left. Ignore this, and remaining on your Harwood Dale Road, pass Seven Hills Cottage and prepare for the steep, winding drive via lovely Lindhead Gorse.

Meeting a forking of ways, take the right lane to Four Lane Ends. Keep directly ahead and a mile beyond is Wrea Head Farm off right. Foulsyke Farm features to the left, and then the ford, with its attractive duck pond such a pretty feature in Scalby.

Maintaining your line of direction, leave Scalby and meet the A170 Scalby Road. Here turn right along the main road to return to Scarborough, or you may choose to explore on foot, the charms of Scalby village. In the vicinity of St Laurence’s Church, there are inns, Yew Tree Restaurant, and a shop etc where you may obtain refreshment.

Having completed your scenic drive, the A170 road returns you via Newby to Falsgrave and Scarborough.

Distance: 16 miles approximately.

Refreshment: The Grainary in Harwood Dale (in season only) and Scalby village. Several inns and cafes along Scalby Road.