Update on plans for allotments

SCARBOROUGH Council will meet tomorrow for an update on the progress of the two new proposed allotment sites in the town.

The Health And Well-Being Overview Committee will convene for a scheduled progress report on the two sites on Woodlands Drive and Cornelian Drive.

The proposed sites are hoping to satisfy demand for allotments in the town, with the sites hoping to accommodate 130 full sized spaces.

The committee will also look into the possibility of creating half sized spaces to help satisfy demand.

A total of £20,745 has been earmarked for the development of the sites on an ‘Invest To Save’ basis, with a payback period of six years.

However, development costs are much higher than anticipated, and the council have identified a lack of financial and staff resources available for the project.

The Committee will also discuss concerns raised by residents of Cornelian Drive in regards to the level of public consultation prior to the area being chosen as one of the Council’s proposed sites.

In a report to be considered at tomorrow’s Health and Wellbeing Overview meeting Andy Skelton, head of environmental services at the Council, said: “Concerns were raised about the level of public consultation prior to the Cabinet meeting.

“Work around the amalgamation of Parks and Countryside Services and Environmental Services has prevented early progress on the implementation of the Cabinet decisions.

“However it is anticipated that work will recommence in the autumn and will involve the dissemination of information to residents ahead of the submission of planning applications.”