Venue set for Tesco protest meeting

Artist's impression of Tesco store
Artist's impression of Tesco store

A VENUE has now been confirmed for tomorrow’s meeting of protest group Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store (STATS) with MP Robert Goodwill.

The open discussion will take place at Ebeneezer Church Hall in Columbus Ravine at 10.30am.

Organisers Malcolm Short, Joy White and Sharon Witty are encouraging members of the public to come along and show their support.

Mrs Witty, who has run Chomley Holiday flats in Columbus Ravine for the last 10 years, said: “The campaign is gathering a lot of momentum and we’re expecting a lot of people tomorrow.

“There are 120 guest houses and hotels which will be affected by the Tesco development and could even go out of business.”

Mrs Witty said that much of the parking could be lost from Columbus Ravine which would adversely affect trade.

She said: “Everybody is so worried about it. People’s livelihoods are at stake.”

The protest0 group launched a petition last week and members were in the town centre collecting signatures on Saturday.

They attracted around 800 signatures in fours hours against the Tesco development.