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RE: Open Air Theatre

Regarding the Scarborough News July 5 article and the comment by Paul Gregg on suing the council: “The council decided to withhold £100,000 in management fees against a children’s playground that Apollo were to contribute as part of their agreement”. He added that the council did not inform Apollo that the playground was to be moved from the Open Air Theatre to the nearby Peasholm Park.

The following would suggest that Paul Gregg was made fully aware that one of the two venues would be designated for the ‘children’s playground’ in late 2009:

“Scarborough Borough Council Minutes dated October 20, 2009 - Part 11 Individual Cabinet Member’s Decision and Leader’s Urgent Decisions October, 20, 2009. Item 3 - A contribution by Apollo of £100,000 toward free play facilities in Northstead Manor Gardens or Peasholm Park payable upon completion of the play facilities by the council or its agent. The minutes being signed by Cllr T Fox leader of the council and G Allan chairman of Projects and Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Dated October 20, 2009.”

Dalby Forest the other weekend was full both nights and it was wet.

There are four events left, Big Night Out, Olly Murs, Russell Watson and JLS. It will be interesting to see the attendances for each.

PJS Waller

Woodville Ave