Venues where you can make a choice

The decision events will be held at the following times and venues:

Saturday, March 19 at 2pm in the Concert Hall at the Evron Centre, Filey; Monday, March 21 at 7pm at Folkton and Flixton Village Hall;

Tuesday, March 22 at 10am at Muston Village Hall; Wednesday, March 23 at 2pm at Hunmanby Community Centre; Thursday, March 24 at 5pm at Gristhorpe Village Hall;

Friday, March 25 at 10am at Osgodby Community Centre; Saturday, March 26 at 1pm at Eastfield Community Centre; Monday, March 28 at 3pm at Cayton Jubilee Hall; and Tuesday, March 29 at 7pm at Reighton Village Hall.