Vicars’ views on protests

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CHURCH leaders in Scarborough have shared their thoughts about the anti-capitalist protests outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The protests are now in their fourth week and have caused difficulties for the cathedral, part of which had to close.

The Rev Liz Kitching, of St Mary’s Church in Cloughton, said that many Christians were on the same side as the protesters. She said: “It’s true that people shouldn’t be paid such colossal wages.

“It’s despicable really that bosses can pay themselves such huge wages when employees are working every hour God sends. If wages were distributed better, companies wouldn’t be having to sack so many people.”

She believes footballers and some big company bosses’ wages are so high they are “immoral”.

She said: “Nobody is worth that much and nobody needs that much.”

The Rev Alastair Ferneley, of St Laurence’s Church in Scalby and St Luke’s, Scarborough, gave a sermon on the issue on Sunday.

He said: “The bigger question is whether Christianity is compatible with capitalism. Personally I would say no it isn’t. I don’t believe you can have continued economic growth in a finite world.

“In the long term capitalism is not sustainable – it’s about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.”

The Rev Ferneley believes that St Paul’s was right to allow the protest to continue outside.

In Sunday’s sermon he said: “So can no other economic system work? If it can’t, then, if I’m right, as a race we are doomed to destroy the finite resources we rely on. It seems no other system can work unless we can change the human heart on a large scale.”