Video: Status Quo rock the Open Air Theatre

There wasn’t an empty seat in sight at the Open Air Theatre on Saturday as legendary rockers Status Quo took to the stage in Scarborough.

With the last ticket sold on the morning of the performance, it was the first show ever at the venue to sell every single chair.

Legendary rockers Status Quo play to a sell-out crowd at  Scarborough's Open Air Theatre. Picture Richard Ponter 133043d

Legendary rockers Status Quo play to a sell-out crowd at Scarborough's Open Air Theatre. Picture Richard Ponter 133043d

It was a feat even megastar Elton John did not pull off when he opened the revamped theatre in 2011.

Speaking on the night, Tony Viney, of Sant’ Angelo Resources, said: “Even at sold-out gigs there are always one or two single seats left in the crowd, but here every single seat has been filled, which means people in groups split up so they could see what was on stage.

“We sold 5,454 seats - every single green seat here tonight is sold.

“The two local support acts here tonight sounded like arena acts. They were brilliant we were so proud of them.

“It just shows you what we can do in Scarborough.”

The roar of the crowd filled the auditorium as the mighty Quo took to the stage. The audience clapped and danced along as Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt rocked it out on their guitars - still going strong after almost half a century.

Quo fan Ian Keyworth, from Whitby, said: “I always look forward to seeing the Quo. I have been going to see them since the early 70s and I have been to see them all over Europe at least once a year.

“It’s nice that I haven’t had to travel very far to see them. It has always been a good venue and I’m glad they renewed it. I used to come here and watch stuff back in the 70s.”

Die-hard fans Paul and Heidi Barnfield travelled over from Calgary in Canada to see the band.

Paul said: “We try and coincide our vacations for when they are playing. I used to work for Canadian Airlines and I used to come out and see them at Wembley every Christmas. I don’t know how many times I have seen them, but I would say it’s double figures.

“It’s a fantastic venue, there is nothing like this and we’re really excited to see them.”

Status Quo was supported by Scarborough acts, The Remedy and Alabama Paydirt.

Simon Vooght, lead singer of The Remedy, said: “It was awesome, we loved every minute of it. We were playing rockstars for the day.

“It was an honour and priviledge to be asked as it’s not something you expect.”

Guuitarist and former Scarborough News news editor James Hanley added: “It’s a very nice idea to get local bands in and give them a chance to play on stage. It’s a huge asset and the community should get to enjoy it,”

Mike Dunn, from Alabama Paydirt, said: “As local musicians it was nice to be asked - especially to be on stage right before the Quo.

“I can’t see how you couldn’t be a fan as they are one of those bands that has been around since the dawn of time. They are legends. It was epic.”

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