View from the Zoo: Time for winter maintenance

African giraffes don't appreciate the English winter.
African giraffes don't appreciate the English winter.

The time of year has come around again for us to close our theme park. Here at Flamingo Land our zoo and theme park is open from mid-March until the end of October every year and on November 1 our theme park closes for the winter.

This is an important time for the park as it gives our staff an excellent opportunity to carry out any maintenance and further developments while there are no visitors around. It also means our rides and attractions can be painted and spruced up, as well as generally receiving a bit of TLC after the enormously busy season.

However, not all of Flamingo Land closes down for the winter. Our animals are here all year round, which means they need their keepers to look after them. So although a lot of our staff are here on a seasonal basis, our zoo team are permanent members of staff. Our keepers are here every single day (even Christmas day), feeding, cleaning and caring for all of our animals.

For the past few years Flamingo Land has opened the zoo over winter for visitors to come and see our animals whilst the theme park is closed. Winter is often a better time to see a lot of our animals as they are usually more interested when visitors walk past as they most likely will not have seen an unfamiliar face all week. Of course ,there are some of our animals that are not a fan of the cold weather and prefer to spend their winters indoors. For example, our African giraffes don’t really appreciate the English winter.

However, the zoo will be open on weekends from November 28 as well as Christmas school holidays and February half-term, so feel free to pop along and see our animals at a discounted entry fee. Our encounters are still available and we will be running a few additional keeper talks and meet a creature sessions throughout winter alongside the talks and sessions that usually run. We will also have Santa and his elves paying a visit to the zoo throughout the Christmas period.

Flamingo Land will then fully re-open in time for the Easter holidays in March.