View from the Zoo: Youngsters’ CU in the City event

The CU in the City event proved popular.
The CU in the City event proved popular.

The education team at Flamingo Land have recently been busy setting up a partnership with the Children’s University and hosting a session called Quizzical Creatures as part of the York Children’s University CU in the City event.

The event was held on November 27 at Foxwood Community Centre in York.

The Children’s University is a scheme where participating children receive a passport to learning which they receive a stamp for each time they visit a designated learning destination and complete an activity.

Flamingo Land is currently in the process of becoming a learning destination. However, there are plenty around York and Scarborough.

The CU in the City event was a series of free family evening events around York, which provide a short introduction to different topics and hands on activities. The children also receive a receive a stamp in their passports for each session they attend.

The Quizzical Creatures session provided by the education team at Flamingo Land was based around Nature Detectives. This is a session that we already successfully run with school groups.

The idea of the session was that 10 tables were each set out with different artefacts or animals such as fur, snails, skulls and antlers.

The families had to answer the questions about each item and make their way around the room.

A total of 47 people attended, with children from 10 different schools around York.

All the people who attended said they would recommend the session to others, so overall it was a great success.

The education team here at Flamingo Land are hoping to continue work with both the Children’s University and the CU in the City event in the future.

Visit the Children’s University website –– to find out more about the learning destinations in our region.

• Flamingo Land is opening at weekends during the winter and on most days during the Christmas holidays, 10am to 4pm. Free Keeper Talks, shows and Meet a Creature sessions also take place from 11am.