Volunteer appeal for beach clean

Josh Saunders
Josh Saunders

Help is needed for a ‘big beach clean’ at Jackson’s Bay - with a reward on offer for taking part.

All volunteers will be thanked for their efforts with a free visit to Scarborough’s Sea Life Centre in Scalby Mills.

The shoreline tidy-up is taking place from 11.30am on Sunday.

It is one of hundreds of similar clean-ups taking place around the UK on behalf of the Marine Conservation Society and new sponsors Marks and Spencer.

The Marine Conservation Society uses the results to highlight coastal litter pollution and is campaigning to try and reduce it by at least 50 per cent by 2015.

Josh Saunders, aquarist at Scarborough Sea Life Centre, said he was delighted to offer free visits to the attraction in reward for volunteering as the project is vital for Scarborough’s marine life.

He said: “Debris on our beaches is a big problem,

“Much of it ends up in the sea where it can become a serious hazard for marine life.

“Plastic bags are a serious problem for sea turtles, for example, which mistake them for jellyfish and swallow them.

“Discarded fishing line, netting and even the plastic rings you get around packs of beer can end up stuck around the limbs or neck of seals and cause them serious injuries,” he added.

Beach cleaners wanting to volunteer for the beach clean should contact the Sea Life Centre to register.

On the big day all cleaners are urged to ensure they don sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing. Anyone under-16 will need to be accompanied by an adult throughout the day.

Contact Josh Saunders on (01723) 373414 to volunteer.