Volunteers on happiness show

Carole Gerada is all set to appear on the TV Programme Despatches.   080133'In News Drop Feature
Carole Gerada is all set to appear on the TV Programme Despatches. 080133'In News Drop Feature

SCARBOROUGH people have been taking part in a mini-series on BBC Breakfast about what makes them happy.

Arts reporter David Sillito gathered eight volunteers from the town and asked them to complete various tasks.

The first challenge for the volunteers involved writing thank you letters to people in their lives who matter to them.

Scarborough bellydancer Carole Gerada wrote a letter to her neighbour to let her know how much she values her as a friend.

She said: “It’s been a fantastic process to be involved in and people who saw it have been in touch from all over the country.

“A friend wrote a similar letter to me, so it shows that it does spread.”

Ms Gerada said the group had also taken part in a happiness workshop which featured a session on mindfulness.

She said: “It’s all about living in the moment and appreciating what you’ve got.”

Photographer Max Payne received a letter from his friend Tony Gibson, who has a butcher’s shop in South Cliff.

Mr Payne said: “I was very moved by what Tony had to say. He’s a good friend - I’ve known him over 30 years.

“I hope people who saw the episode will let their friends know what they mean to them too because it’s a lovely feeling.”

On the subject of happiness he added: “In life I think if you have a positive attitude and determination it really can make a difference.

“If you try to be happy it works.”

Artist Kane Cunningham - who bought a house at Knipe Point to use as an art installation - also took part in the series.

He said: “The project was interesting and did in fact make me contact old friends for a family party. They also came to the house at Knipe Point to film the project.

“I think overall it made Scarborough look like a happy place to live and will no doubt project a very positive image of the town.”

The mini-series will be on BBC Breakfast until tomorrow.