Walkers getting in tune for event

HUNDREDS of participants are gearing up for this weekend’s Walk for Life event in Scarborough.

It will take place on Sunday from 2pm, starting at the entrance to the Open Air Theatre.

Participants will walk round the Marine Drive, through the toll house where Creme Eggs will be given out to all children, along Sandside and Foreshore Road, finishing at the Spa Complex.

Walkers can raise money for a charity of their own choice and sponsorship cards are available from the Scarborough Evening News office in Aberdeen Walk.

This year the event has a Royal Wedding theme, with hundreds of people expected to take part, many in fancy dress.

As well as the walkers the 2011 event is also set to feature the Hamps Tramps band, while performers from Stagecoach will be singing a song they have written especially for the occasion.

Organsier Theresa Hargreaves said: “The song is fabulous and I’m hoping that people will be in fine voice on the day and join in with the singing!”

The lyrics are as follows and are sung to the tune of “Amarillo”.

Chorus 1

Sha la lala lalala March! March!

Sha la lala lalala Walk! Walk!

Sha la lala lalala sing sing

For charities that we support.

Verse 1

When the day is dawning on a cheerful Scarborough morning

How we love to be here

Walking forward every year here

To every one who’s walking I will raise my hat

I will keep on walking, it’s where my heart is at.

We do the walk of life together

Marching through whatever the weather

Let’s do the walk for life together, for charities that we support (Repeat twice).

Chorus 2

Sha la lala lalala Roll! Roll!

Sha la lala lalala Wheel! Wheel!

For charities that we support.

Verse 2

There’s a church bell ringing (Ding ding ding dong) as the start of the walk is beginning (Let’s go!)

We go past the harbour (ice cream!) in the wonderful town of Scarborough (where we are!)

Just beyond the seashore (splish splash!)we can see the spa (oh lah didah)

We can see the surfers on the waves out far.

• Repeat chorus one and two.