War of words breaks out between Futurist groups

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A war of words has broken out between two groups trying to save Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre.

As reported in The Scarborough News Leeds-based businessman Jamie Hudson has submitted a business plan to Scarborough Council in a bid to take over the demolition-threatened building.

However, the bid has not met with the approval of Futurist campaigner Patricia David and her Save the Futurist Campaign.

In a Facebook post in reaction to the news Ms David called the bid a ‘pointless diversion’.

She wrote: “This week has seen a time-consuming pointless diversion in the form of a Company who had, unknown to us, decided to put in a bid to take over the Futurist, and raised a lot of hopes totally unnecessarily.

“He did not know anything about us and what we are doing, and not unreasonably thought he was on a mission to save the building.

“However, he was informed on Sunday last, when he contacted the Save the Futurist Campaign, official Facebook site that there was no point in putting in the bid, because legally the council cannot accept it, or enter into any discussions, because they are now in discussions with a preferred bidder, and in any event the closing date for bids was last August 15.

“He put it in anyway, and sent out a press release to this effect.

“He caused us and themselves no end of trouble, when, of course, it appeared in the public domain.”

In response a spokesman for Mr Hudson said: “Futurist Sound and Light Ltd are shocked by the comments made by Patricia David on the public forum - Facebook.

“We are both working towards a common goal to see The Futurist Theatre saved, restored and reopened. We find it difficult to understand the negative attitude towards our proposals and are concerned of the far reaching implications of such comments.

“We would like to reiterate that we are not associated with STAG or Save The Futurist groups. We will be proceeding with our proposals to try and re-open this amazing asset to Scarborough and the UK.

“If anyone would like to share their views on the theatre, we invite them to visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/thefuturistproposal or comment online via www.futurist.co.uk and following the ‘The Futurist’ link.”

In other news Scarborough Council has not yet confirmed if the future of the theatre will be discussed at Friday’s Full Council meeting.