Warning after cat mauled to death

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A SCARBOROUGH woman has called for increased vigilance from fellow pet owners after her beloved cat was killed in a “frenzied” dog attack.

Linda Chadfield, of Newlands Park Crescent, issued the warning after her four year-old cat, Macey, died from horrific injuries to its head, stomach and back.

Mrs Chadfield said vets confirmed at least one dog had mauled Macey but said despite the pain at her loss she wanted to use her untimely plight to raise awareness for fellow owners.

She said: “Macey was an absolute joy and would lift my spirits when things weren’t so wonderful.

“My lovely little friendly cat did not deserve such a cruel, horrific and painful death.

“The vet said a frenzied attack.

“My biggest worry now is that this is only one step away from an attack on a small dog and two steps away from an attack on a small child.”

Mrs Chadfield said Macey, who had previously recovered from a broken pelvis, was a huge favourite with residents young and old in Newlands Park Crescent.

She said: “Macey was the most friendly and loving cat I have ever had.

“She didn’t just love me but all of the people in the Crescent and would play with all the children and visit all the neighbours and sit on their knees and keep them company.

“One couple even had to get a cat for their children because they loved Macey so much.

“The owners of these dogs will know that they have killed another animal and I want it to be known there are two very dangerous dogs in the vicinity.”

Peter Caylow, a vet at Alma Veterinary Surgery, examined Macey and said: “This was quite a severe attack and there was evidence that it was probably by a dog.

“However, we don’t know what type of dog it was but there was evidence the death was caused by haemorrhaging and gross trauma.”