Warning after pair are almost swept out to sea

From left to right: Scarborough RNLI lifeguards Chris Ireland, Becky Cox, Helen Peterson and Tim Machon.
From left to right: Scarborough RNLI lifeguards Chris Ireland, Becky Cox, Helen Peterson and Tim Machon.
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Scarborough RNLI lifeguards are urging beachgoers to seek advice before entering the sea after two bodyboarders were almost swept away.

The incident in Cayton Bay occurred at 11.30am on Saturday - around 500 metres outside the RNLI flagged zone.

Senior lifeguard Chris Ireland was patrolling the beach when he spotted two bodyboarders struggling to get back to shore due to the strong wind.

Chris raised the alarm and his colleague, Tim Machon, entered the sea while he maintained radio communications with the lifeguard base.

On reaching the couple, Tim found the woman had been hit in the face by her bodyboard and knocked into the water. She was extremely shaken and had started to panic.

Tim quickly calmed the exhausted woman and helped her back onto her board. He then towed her in towards the beach, while her husband was able to make his own way back to shore.

The couple, from Litchfield, didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

It follows a similar incident earlier last month involving three teenage surfers who got caught out by rough conditions. Despite the lifeguards’ warnings and red flags, the trio still entered the water. One was immediately caught in a rip current and swept close to the Pump House rocks while getting dragged out further by powerful waves. Lifeguards Tim Machon, Shaun Messruther and Natalie Walsh battled to bring the three casualties safely ashore.

Senior lifeguard Tim said: “We were very happy to be able to help the couple and assist them safely back to the beach. However, we would always urge anyone visiting the seaside to come and chat to the lifeguards first before entering the sea.

“We are always happy to provide advice on tide times, the safe areas in which to swim and extra information on the safety flags - for example, red flags warning people not to enter the water or the orange wind sock which denotes dangerous wind conditions.”

In the last four years, 12 people have died on the coastlines of North and East Yorkshire, according to the latest RNLI figures.