Warning after surfer rescues

Beach heroes ... Rich Ireland, Jack Perry and Rich Mather 113013
Beach heroes ... Rich Ireland, Jack Perry and Rich Mather 113013

SCARBOROUGH lifeguards have warned surfers of dangerous rip tides after three men were rescued from the South Bay.

The men, who were all experienced surfers, got into difficulty after being caught out by the strong tidal waters.

The first incident took place on Saturday when two men, who were riding the waves in the designated surfing area, became exhausted after paddling against the rip current.

Lifeguards Jack Perry and Richard Ireland swam out to the surfers and brought them to shore.

On Sunday, a third man was pulled to safety by lifeguard Richard Mather after he became caught in the same rip current.

Matt Jones, lifeguard supervisor for the Scarborough area, said many surfers could cope with rip currents.

However, he added the position of the new tide in the South Bay was proving extremely difficult for surfers to navigate.

He said: ‘The new rip has been formed after recent heavy surf created new channels in the sand for the outgoing tide near the harbour mouth.

“Hopefully it will disappear within the next few days but in the meantime we would advise all water users, and particularly those using the surf hostel, to seek the advice of lifeguards before entering the water.”

Scarborough’s team of lifeguards will patrol both the North and South Bay during the summer and will remain on duty until September.