Watch out for Lions’ sleigh

SCARBOROUGH Lions are all set to start their annual charity sleigh pull on Monday.

Following their annual tradition since 2001, the Lions will be touring the town with Santa and his sleigh to raise money for local charities and people in need.

This year’s schedule is as follows: December 5, Proudfoots in Newby; December 9, Burniston/Cloughton; December 13, Osgodby; December 14, Scalby; December 15, Proudfoots in Eastfield; December 16, Seamer and Irton village; December 17, Morrisons; December 19, Crossgates; December 20, Sainsburys in Falsgrave, December 21, Proudfoots in Seamer; December 22, Sainsburys in Falsgrave; December 23, Morrisons.

The sleigh will go around the villages between 6-8.30pm and will be at supermarkets 9am-6pm.

l Scarborough Round Table continues its sleigh tours tonight, in the Crossgates area, starting at 6.30pm from the Byways.