Water park developers get extension

North Bay water park. Proposed water park images for the North Bay.  Enclosed raft slide. Submitted'18/03/11
North Bay water park. Proposed water park images for the North Bay. Enclosed raft slide. Submitted'18/03/11

The North Bay water park saga will drag on for a little longer after a deadline to finalise all arrangements between the council and developer was extended.

The deadline for Benchmark Properties Ltd to meet a number of criteria laid down by the council when it approved a £10 million investment in the scheme in September came and went on Monday.

Scarborough Borough Council leader, Cllr Tom Fox, could have pulled out of the deal but has instead agreed to give the company until April 25 to iron out the problems.

The exact details of the 
decision are restricted due to the commercially sensitive nature of the documents.

Cllr Fox said: “It is disappointing to note the apparent failure of the developer to perform to the time schedules and I am of the opinion that any major variance from the outline of recommendations agreed previously through Full Council will require any final decision being returned to councillors for their attention.

“However, to permit extra time for our officers and Benchmark to seek to resolve outstanding issues, I feel it correct to agree to extend the agreement up to and including 25 April and I am hopeful that any outstanding issues will be resolved during that time.”

Benchmark Properties Ltd could not be reached when approached for a comment.

If built the water park would include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water rides and flumes, a spa and a car park. It was granted planning consent in 2012.

At the September meeting when the £10 million investment was discussed the matter passed by just one vote.

Eric Broadbent, Labour leader on Scarborough Council, who after the meeting said the risk to the council was too high, said that granting the extension was the right thing to do.

He said: “I think the extension is just a natural progression to hopefully completing the scheme and the extension is necessary to progress the building of the park. It is a common sense move.

“A group of councillors from all political parties went to London to meet the developers and I think in that meeting a lot of the fears and concerns members had to the water park plan were allayed and I believe the water park will be built.”

It was hoped that the water park would be open by 2015 and it is not yet known if this latest delay will have an impact on that time frame.