Water park is in hot water with close neighbour

Tracy Cromack peeps over her fence to view the continued work on the Water Park.
Tracy Cromack peeps over her fence to view the continued work on the Water Park.

Concerns have been raised by a neighbouring resident of Scarborough’s new water park as windows are installed overlooking her property – which she claims were not on the planning application.

Tracy and Geoff Cromack live in one of the closest residential houses to the new £14 million North Bay Water Park.

Mrs Cromack has raised concerns as windows have been put in place facing into her garden which she claims were not a part of the plan.

“I looked over my fence and there were also massive air conditioning units that weren’t suppose to be there – I got such a shock when I saw them,” said Mrs Cromack.

Fears are now growing among residents that trees will be knocked down to make room for the footpath.

A spokesperson for developer Benchmark Property said: “The nature of a design and build contract means that certain elements of the build are not finalised at planning stage and have to be decided further along the building process ... the windows will be frosted over.”

He added: “We are confident that the ventilation and air conditioning units will not present an issue to the nearby residents and have worked closely with the environmental health officer to ensure this.

“We have no intention of removing any trees along the boundary and the footpath will remain as accessible as it was previously. We will also be planting additional trees alongside the boundary.

“We and operator Alpamare are committed to being good neighbours and hope that once the unpleasantness of building work is completed that the water park will be something that everyone in Scarborough is proud of and enjoys.”