Water park: just another two years

Proposed North Bay water park
Proposed North Bay water park

SCARBOROUGH’S 15-year wait for a water park might be over within another two years.

At a meeting of the full council, it was stated that the Sands project in the North Bay is finally close to coming to fruition.

Councillors voted unanimously to grant Benchmark Leisure, headed by Roland Duce, an extension to submit a planning application for the water park and the rest of the Sands development, with the exception of the Atlantis site.

Speaking at the full council meeting, Cllr Bill Chatt said: “People in Scarborough are sick to death of people talking about this.

“I have been in many debates with people who have been saying we promised them this and haven’t delivered. At the first meeting with the developers I had no trust whatsoever, but my opinion has changed.

“The extension isn’t giving him the crown jewels - it’s giving him the chance to put his plans in place.”

Cllr Chatt added: “People talk about Ben-Hur being five years in the making. We have beaten Ben-Hur three times over. Let’s put this to bed and move forward.”

The planning application is now due to be submitted by November 7. It might be in action at the end of summer 2013.

Prior the debate, councillors were given a behind-closed-doors presentation by Mr Duce on his plans.

The majority in the council chamber appeared impressed by Mr Duce and were optimistic the much-maligned Sands project will finally come to fruition.

Cllr Brian Watson, chairman of the licensing committee, added: “It seems a long, long time ago that we started out on this journey, and the one thing we were promised is a water feature.

“It now feels I am almost able to touch it.”

But Cllr Norman Murphy, of the Northstead ward, was unconvinced.

“I haven’t the slightest bit of faith,” he said.