Water park operator agrees to form committee with neighbours

Burniston Road Car Park
Burniston Road Car Park

The operators of the proposed £15 million Scarborough water park have promised to set up a committee with people living nearby when it opens.

The groups will meet to discuss any issues that arise once the park has been built.

Alpamare UK made the promise at last week’s licensing-sub committee meeting in which it was granted a licence from 8am until 10pm seven days a week.

The committee also granted the operator permission to open until 2am on six occasions each year, but with one night not falling within 13 days of the last.

In total 316 objections were submitted against the licence application, and just one letter of support received, with many of those in opposition asking that no activities take place past 10pm.

To their surprise, Alpamare, which had been asking to open until 11.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays, amended its application to address the concerns.

The company’s solicitor, Richard Taylor, said: “We are not here to cause difficulties. We are here to provide a great attraction for Scarborough.”

He added: “The licence is important, but it is more important to us that this water park opens and it is up to us to show we are good and conscientious neighbours.”

One of the objectors had floated the idea of a regular meeting between the park’s management and a committee of local residents and was supported by councillors.

Chairman of the sub-committee, Cllr John Armsby, said: “While we do not have the power to make it a condition of the licence we would encourage [Alpamare] to engage with this idea.”
Mr Taylor said the company was “more than happy to do so”.

Objector Judy Smith said: “I am happy that Alpamare have listened to what the neighbours have had to say.”

Work is set to begin on the building of the park, to the rear of the Burniston Road car park, in the near future with the operator hoping to open in time for the 2016 summer season.