We’re not telling porkies! Babe is perfect family pet

She’s potty trained, sleeps on a reinforced sofa in the living room, alerts her owner when the doorbell rings and loves cod liver oil.

But while her film character namesake is small and adventurous, Babe the Scarborough pig is head and shoulders above and prefers to catch 40 winks instead.

Susan and Colin Webb  their Pig Babe at tea time.Picture Richard Ponter 122928c.

Susan and Colin Webb their Pig Babe at tea time.Picture Richard Ponter 122928c.

Owners Colin and Susan Webb of Edgehill Road bought the pet as a micro-piglet, but she’s certainly exceeded all expectations. Now weighing more than 25 stone, the porker has become a fond member of the family, joins in at tea times and shares the living quarters - along with a vast array of oinking ornaments and fancies. The tame piggy is shy around visitors and although generally well-behaved, there are times when the Webbs have come home to a few surprises. Colin said: “She’s usually very good but she’s done a bit of damage when we’ve been out of the house. She’s wrecked one of the chairs and pulled up the carpet, but nothing too bad.

“She’d never bite, she’s absolutely daft as a brush.”

It was Susan’s love of pigs that saw the couple get their pink housemate and it’s proved helpful too. Susan is partially deaf, but has no trouble knowing when the phone or doorbell rings as Babe “barks like a dog” to alert her. In contrast to their two other animals, the Webbs see Babe as their cleanliest pet.

“You get a few hairs but she’s very clean and doesn’t smell,” said Mr Webb. “Pigs don’t really have an odour, but the two rabbits, they stink!” Her owners will have a festive piggy party when Babe turns two on Christmas Day, but there’ll be no turkey on the menu. The sow’s favourite food is strawberries, but she also loves nuts, apples and a daily capsule of cod liver oilfor her joints. Nowadays Babe prefers to lap up home comforts, but neighbours might once have seen her going for walkies as the Webbs have a special licence which allows them the roam of the street.