We’re ready to celebrate our 125th birthday

A state school in Scarborough is on the search for its oldest pupils as it comes to celebrate an impressive milestone this month.

On October 17, 1877 Gladstone Road Infant School opened its doors for the very first time.

Now, as the establishment looks ahead to its 125th anniversary, it will mark the occasion by taking a step back in time.

White cotton aprons for the girls and waistcoats and caps for the boys will be part of the school uniform in a Victorian Day on Wednesday October 17.

Headteacher Anne Swift said the occasion will herald the start of an eventful year.

She said: “This is going to kick start a year of activities - we’re going to try to find out who the oldest living ex-pupil of the school is and hold events later in the year.

“At 2pm visitors, who have been involved in the school, are invited to come, and at 3pm there will be an unveiling of mosaics.”

Reflecting on the school’s achievement, Mrs Swift added:“It’s a great honour and I’m glad I can be here.

“It reminds you that you’re just a caretaker really; the education of children will always be handed on over the years.

“The remarkable thing is that public education isn’t that old, it makes you realise it wasn’t available 125 years ago to all children.”

Pupils have been learning about early life at the institute from the school logbook.

“We had it opened at the end of last term,” said Mrs Swift. “It has some interesting details about the phases of development, teachers and the school being closed during wartime.”

The school would like to hear from former pupils, who can get in touch by leaving a name and number with the school or by emailing admin@gladstoneroad-inf.n-yorks.sch.uk for details of more events.