Weather watch: Wave dodgers warned they are dicing with death

wave dodgers
wave dodgers
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Wave dodgers have been told that they are dicing with death, with the police leading calls for thrill seekers to keep away from the shoreline during high tide.

Several agencies, including fire, police and council, have collectively issued the grave warning in preparation of strong winds and high water, which are expected to lead to severe overtopping on the seafront.

There are seven flood warnings currently in place along the Borough’s coastline, and various agencies are monitoring the situation closely and steps are being taken to minimise disruption and damage from flooding, should it occur.

And the agencies are “strongly urging” the public to stay clear of the shoreline, sea walls, promenades and piers around this evening’s high tide, which is due in at 5.35pm.

And they add that overtopping could say pose “a significant risk to life to anyone choosing to ignore warnings”.

Drivers are also being urged to avoid seafront roads where possible during high tide and adhere to any road closures, which highways agencies may have to put in place.

Pedestrians are strongly advised to stay away from flooded roads and footpaths and not take unnecessary risks such as “wave dodging”.

Ben Hughes, the Environment Agency’s Incident Manager, said: “Coastal paths and promenades could be highly dangerous as there is an increased risk of being swept out to sea. People are warned to stay away from the shoreline.”

Scarborough Council is dishing out sandbags to coastal properties where flooding is likely to occur.

North Yorkshire County Council is closing roads blocked by debris and setting up necessary diversions.

It has also closed schools and other properties that have been damaged or lost power as a result of the gales.

The county council is also working with other agencies to provide pumps to those areas where flooding may occur.

Staff from the both councils and other agencies will be deployed in those areas where the Environment Agency thinks flooding is a risk, to provide eyes on the ground and points of contact for local people.

For the latest information, visit or follow @EnvAgencyYNE and #floodaware on Twitter. Flood warnings and alerts are updated every 15 minutes.

Anyone wishing to report weather related incidents on the highways network should contact North Yorkshire County Council on 0845 241 1307.

The weblink for the latest information on road closures is