Flood alert from Whitby to Filey - here's how to stay safe

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File photo.

The Environment Agency (EA) has put a flood alert in place along the coast from Whitby to Filey.

A flood alert is classified as 'prepare' whereas a flood warning is 'act'.

Overtopping of roads and low-lying coastal areas is possible as a result of high spring tides and consequently, flooding of roads and farmland is possible.

Flooding is most likely at high tide (6.25am), however conditions may apply two to four hours either side.

The areas most at risk are low lying land and roads. Coastal conditions are expected to continue this week.

The EA are closely monitoring the situation and their incident response staff are checking defences and will operate them as required.

The public is advised to plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads and coastal roads.

There is also a flood warning in place for Whitby Harbour.

Areas most at risk are properties along New Quay Road and Langbourne Road.

What you should do in flooding:

Flood alert - Prepare

- Prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents.

- Check flood warnings.

Flood warning - Act

- Turn off gas, water and electricity.

- Move things upstairs or to safety.

- Move family, pets and car to safety.

Severe flood warning - Survive

- Call 999 if in immediate danger.

- Follow advice from emergency services.

- Keep yourself and your family safe.