Relief as emergency response averts major flooding overnight in Malton

A multi-agency response was launched in Malton overnight to avert potentially serious flooding.

Thursday, 21st January 2021, 9:19 am
Updated Thursday, 21st January 2021, 9:22 am

Old Malton was threatened by flooding caused by a combination of high groundwater levels and inadequate drainage from combined sewerage and highway drains.

A flood warning remains in force for Old Malton which was issued yesterday by the Environment Agency due to persistent heavy rainfall and rising water levels.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: "This flood warning remains in force due to high groundwater and river levels. The current level of the River Derwent at Malton is 4.64m and will remain high. The level on the River Rye at Howe Bridge is 4.99m and will continue to rise slowly on Thursday."

The standing water level in Old Malton.

Seven pumps are now in use to ease the threat on properties and businesses by sending water over the flood bank into the River Derwent following action by agencies including the Environment Agency, Ryedale District Council, Yorkshire Water, North Yorkshire County Council, Malton Town Council and North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

Cllr Martin Dales, Malton Town Council’s Member for flooding issues and Malton’s Flood Warden who witnessed the major response, said: “It was during the late afternoon that flooding started occurring in areas that in recent years haven’t been flooded and then suddenly it spread and the B1257 through Old Malton was flooded with issues of inconsiderate drives causing wash to hit properties and businesses.

“The response from the authorities was magnificent and the four pumps already operating had three more very powerful ones added to them aided by Malton’s Fire Station with about 20 people on site to hopefully help resolve what could have been very traumatic for all those living, working in or travelling through Old Malton.

“The community is very grateful for such a comprehensive response from the various partners who have been involved. Their combination of expertise and good natured concern for the safety and care of naturally concerned local people affected has been greatly appreciated.”

Emergency crews worked tirelessly overnight to stop flood waters.

For the latest, visit the Environment Agency website HERE.