Scarborough is hotter than these 10 holiday destinations around the world today

Temperatures are forecast to reach 27 degrees today in Scarborough as a heatwave hits the UK.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 10:02 am
Scarborough is set to be hotter than these destinations. PIC: Getty

Here are 10 holiday destinations with temperatures not expected to match Scarborough today - (Weather forecast accurate for 11am local time and temperatures in comparison to 24 degrees expected in Scarborough at this time):

Temperatures are set to be 10 degrees in Buenos Aires, Argentine.
In Johannesburg, South Africa temperatures will be 13 degrees.
In Mexico City temperatures will hit 18 degrees.
In Brisbane, Australia, it will be 18 degrees.
Nairobi, Kenya, will be 19 degrees.
In Sydney it will be 19 degrees.
It will be 21 degrees in LA.
Havana, Cuba, will be 22 degrees.
In Rio, Brazil, it is set to be 25 degrees.
In Miami temperatures will reach 25 degrees.