Scarborough Weather: Met Office issues yellow thunderstorm warning as flash flooding hits town

Scarborough is set to brace itself for thunderstorms and more heavy rain after flash flooding hit the town.

The Met Office has issues a yellow thunderstorm warning across Friday and Saturday (August 6 and 7).

The warning is officially in place from 4am Friday morning to 11.59pm on Saturday.

The Met Office says: "Thunderstorms and heavy rain may lead to flooding and transport disruption."

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are on the way for Scarborough, with a yellow weather warning in place. (Photo: Chandan Khanna/Getty)

What To Expect

• There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater

• Spray and sudden flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closures

• Where flooding or lightning strikes occur, there is a chance of delays and some cancellations to train and bus services

Torrential conditions saw a torrent of water cascade down Eastborough where flash flooding submerged the road at the junction with Sandside yesterday afternoon.

Heavy rains deluged Scarborough Cricket Club and quickly flooded the ground, with the field more closely resembling a swimming pool than a cricket strip.

A spokesperson said: "We couldn’t believe how quickly the rain fell to flood the ground!"

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service was called to three flooding incidents across Scarborough in the space of an hour yesterday afternoon.

Crews were called to Castle Road at 1.13pm after the sudden downpour caused the basement of a property to flood. A light portable pump was used to clear the water.

Just seven minutes later, firefighters were called to Merchants Row after flood water had entered a basement. Crews used an ejector pump to clear as much water as possible.

At 1.45pm, crews were called to another flooded basement on Eastborough where they used a portable pump to clear the water.

Scarborough's Weather Outlook


Scattered showers continuing on Friday morning becoming more frequent, heavy and prolonged into the afternoon with an increasing risk of thunder.

Windy as well, especially over higher ground with a maximum temperature of 19°C.

Winds could reach 22mph throughout the day, so it will feel more like 14°C, the Met Office has said.


Cloudy and light showers on Saturday morning turning into thunder and heavy rain throughout the afternoon.

Winds could reach 32mph, so it will feel more like 13°C at times with a maximum temperature of 18°C, the Met Office has said.


Thudnerstorms are predicted to have passed by Sunday with the day starting with cloud and sunny intervals changing to light showers by lunchtime.

Winds could reach 31mph, so it will feel more like 15°C at times with a maximum temperature of 19°C, the Met Office has said.