This weekend's weather - is the cold snap set to continue?

It will remain cold in Scarborough this weekend.
It will remain cold in Scarborough this weekend.

The cold snap we've been experiencing this week has come as a bit of a shock after a mild February and warmer than usual March.

But is it set to carry on this weekend?

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It will remain largely dry but cool and will become more damp over this weekend.

Here is a detailed forecast for the remainder of the week:


It is forecast to stay dry all day and temperatures will peak at 9 degrees from 11am to 3pm, the warmest for the week, though this will feel more like 5 degrees thanks to south easterly winds.

The sun will last until 2pm this afternoon when cloud will roll in before an overcast evening.

Overnight frost is expected to disappear from this evening.


Dark clouds will fill the sky from the early hours until midday when sun will begin to break through.

Temperatures start out low and are scheduled to rise to 8 degrees around midday

However, winds will change to north westerlies making the feels like temperature more like 5 degrees at the day's peak.

Overnight will be mild and dry.


Increasingly cold and damp conditions are expected throughout the weekend as the north easterly winds continue.

Feels like temperatures will range from 5 to 7 degrees throughout the day.

Cloud will begin to break up from 1pm making the afternoon brighter.

Overnight will be mild and dry.

Next week

Often unsettled and feeling cold, with periods of damp and cloudy weather arriving from the east on the breeze.