Weather: Will the sun shine in Scarborough this weekend for garden parties ahead of the England match?

England are in the quarter finals of the Euros and will play Ukraine on Saturday evening at 8pm.

Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 3:37 pm

What better way to warm up for the match than with a BBQ or a garden party on Saturday afternoon - but will the weather be fine?

The current forecast for this weekend might not be a scorcher but Saturday is set to be mainly dry.

Read the current forecast from The Met Office for the rest of the week here:

Scarborough weather. Picture: JPI Media/ Richard Ponter


The day will be overcast with little chance of rain.

Temperatures will sit around 15°C all day and into the evening, only dropping to 13°C overnight.

The sun rises at 4.32am and sets at 9.39pm.

Wind speeds are set to be around 20mph all day so it may feel cooler.


A warmer day on Friday which starts out cloudy changing to sunny intervals by late morning.

Temperatures will peak at 17°C from 1pm well into the evening.

Wind speeds are much lower so it will feel warmer than the day before.

The pollen count is very high.

Sunrise is at 4.32am and sunset is at 9.38pm.


There is a 40 per cent chance of rain forecast at 4pm but skies should clear and remain dry by early evening.

The day will begin with sunny intervals changing to clouds by late morning.

Temperatures will hit 18°C at 10am and stay there until the early evening.

Wind speeds again are low so it should feel warm.

The sun rises at 4.33am and sets at 9.38pm.


The last day of the weekend will start off cloudy switching to showers by late morning and into the afternoon.

There is a 60 per cent chance of rain from 1pm onwards until the evening.

Temperatures sit around 18°C for the majority of the afternoon, falling to 14°C overnight.

Sunrise is at 4.34am and sunset is at 9.37pm.