This week's weather for East Yorkshire and Ryedale with forecaster Trevor Appleton.

Here is the week-ahead weather for East Yorkshire and Ryedale as predicted by local forecaster Trevor Appleton.

Monday, 13th August 2018, 11:55 am
This weeks weather with forecaster Trevor Appleton.

It looks like the conditions will be turning cooler from late in the week onwards.

Monday 13 August: Feeling rather warm any humid in any sunny spells, but clouds will build with showers and slow moving thunderstorms forming. 22C.

Tuesday 14 August: Dry with spells of warm sunshine.

Wednesday 15 August: Mist or fog patches clearing them very warm with sunny spells, cloudier later with heavy rain overnight.

Thursday 16 August: Much fresher and breezy with sunny spells and isolated showers.

Friday 17 August: Dry with a few sunny intervals.

Next weekend: Windy at first but mostly dry with sunny spells.

Outlook: Cooler than average with low rainfall.