When will Scarborough parking machines accept new £1 coins?

Motorists are unable to pay for parking at Scarborough Borough Council parking meters using the new 1 coin.
Motorists are unable to pay for parking at Scarborough Borough Council parking meters using the new 1 coin.

Drivers in Scarborough could have to wait another month before being able to pay for their parking in the town using the new £1 coin.

Despite becoming legal tender on March 28 this year, parking meters in Scarborough have yet to be adapted, leaving some motorists without a way of paying for parking.

Sylvia Hunter, 73, of Coldyhill Lane, Newby, is concerned with Bank Holiday weekend and the summer season fast approaching that the situation could frustrate tourists coming to Scarborough.

She said: “It’s a total shambles at the moment with people confused as to what to do. I’ve waited for 15 minutes before because there are so many people not having the right change without the new £1 coins. There’s more new £1 coins than older now so it is ridiculous.”

Sylvia, who visits Scarborough town centre two or three times a week, has visited on and off street sites including St Nicholas Street and St Thomas Street and is still left with the problem.

Sylvia said: “Why are we always at the back of the queue?

“We have the summer season coming up and people are not going to be aware of the situation. I’m now keeping back any £1 coins I receive in preparation for my parking. Not everyone has a card or a mobile phone.

“It needs sorting as soon as possible.”

Jane Wilson, deputy operations manager said: “We were originally led to believe that the company that supplies us with the machines would make the changes required in time for the launch of the new pound coin.

"However, due to the scale of the changes the company needs to deliver to many different councils around the country, it was not possible for it to meet that deadline.

"We are still waiting for the changes to be made to the machines and it could be another month before that happens.

"We apologise for the inconvenience we know this is causing our customers and we will continue to keep the pressure on the supplier to ensure our needs are met sooner rather than later.”

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