Where is the civic pride?

I add my voice to the deep opposition towards various damaging proposed changes to this lovely town. My fairly recent residency here has increased an awareness of the pride of local people in their surroundings. What a shame that the council seem so unworthy of representing them in regard to the Town Hall relocation.

Where is their civic pride? They are abandoning the town centre to the whims of a developer.

So this is the so called renaissance! If indeed so, do they really think that the doubtful financial expediency of the present justifies jeopardising our future? A future that should proudly embrace and build on its illustrious past, rather than rush headlong into an uncertain ill defined so called “renaissance”.

Or shall the council prove the growing notion that they are unworthy custodians of this unique treasure? Scarborough that is far more than just a seaside town; please spare it from more irreparable damage.

JA Strutt

Scalby Road