While the nation watches the Irton tree protest, in Eastfield, it’s a different story ...

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WHILE villagers in one Scarborough village banded together to save a threatened beech tree residents in Eastfield are desperate to have a poplar tree removed.

The troublesome tree stands outside the home of Fiona Atkinson’s Meadow Lane home and she said its roots have damaged a pond lining and branches regularly break off in high winds.

In a letter in March Scarborough Council’s tree and woodlands officer said that the tree would be removed but five months later Mrs Atkinson is still waiting for action – she was told this week that there were no immediate plans to remove the specimen.

She said that her neighbours were also in favour of its removal. She added: “It’s not just the roots it’s the branches that are coming off.

“My neighbours are really concerned as well.”

Mrs Atkinson said that although the roots were not damaging property the branches did pose a danger to people. She added: “The branches fell into the bowling green – anybody who was playing bowls could have been hurt. The tree is not safe.”

Eastfield Bowling Club plays on what is known as the Stongwood ground and players regularly clear debris from the poplar and other trees which border the ground.

Mrs Atkinson said that they had a raised flower bed in their garden which had been leaking for a couple of years and when her husband replaced the pond lining he found the tree roots in the soil underneath.

And residents have noticed smells which they believe have been from damage to the sewer network caused by the roots.

The news came as the small village of Irton was thrust into the media spotlight when contractors were prevented from felling a threatened beech tree after Mark “Snoz” Snow climbed into its branches on Tuesday morning.

It had been scheduled for the chop after a judge ruled that it was a nuisance and should be removed. The 100-year-old tree was the subject of a bitter five -year legal battle after a nearby homeowner applied to have it removed in 2006 because the roots were damaging his wall and drains.