Whit Sunday 1950s-style

Scarborough 1950 2.jpg
Scarborough 1950 2.jpg

These nostalgic photos of Scarborough were brought in by Dick Mowat of Goodwood Close in Newby.

They show a packed South Bay and Marine Drive during Whit Sunday in the 1950s.

Mr Mowat did not have much information about the photographs, but the date of May 28 was written on the back.

He said: “I’m into United Buses, and somebody gave me a load of pictures to do with that.

“These were in amongst them. They’re nice pictures, but two are damaged, which is a shame.”

Mr Mowat, who has been interested in buses since he was a youngster, added that it was nice to see what Scarborough was like back then.

He said: “It was so busy! It’s amazing.”